PE Builder v3 plugin


A Remote Control Tool

Want to connect to that remote system? Unsure if there is any remote control software loaded on the remote system?
ChrisControl can help! All you need is the remote server IP address or hostname and a valid username and password for the remote system

ChrisControl works by scanning the remote system to see if either RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol aka Terminal Services) or VNC (Virtual Network Computing) servers are installed and running.

- If RDP is found then the ChrisControl connects to the remote system via RDP client
- If VNC is found then the ChrisControl connects to the remote system via VNC client
- If neither are found then (here is the clever bit!) ChrisControl will prompt the user to remotely install VNC Server onto the remote system. ChrisControl will then install VNC server, start and connect to the remote system via VNC

ChrisControl has two further tickbox options:
- The option of uninstalling VNC server when fininshed
- The option of connecting to the console session of the remote system (only supported by Windows 2003 and XP)

Whats more is that ChrisControl ships as one convenient file - no other files are required!

PEBuilder instructions:
- Extract zip file into PEBuilder plugins folder
- PE build away!

Further help and info can be obtained by launching ChrisControl and clicking "help"

ChrisControl Copyright (c) Chris Hall 2005. All rights reserved.
PE Builder Copyright (c) 2002-2005 Bart Lagerweij. All rights reserved.