PE Builder v3 plugin

Cisco VPN Client v.4.6 plugin

Plugin by Ixel
Version: 1.11

This plugin gives functionality to the Cisco VPN Client and allows you to connect to a VPN through the client.


1. This plugin installs and uses the Deterministic Network Enhancer Service(DNE) and Cisco's IPSec driver.
2. The additional files that come with this plugin do the following:

- cisco.exe -- checks to make sure services are loaded and launches the client
- discon.exe -- disconnects the computer through the client
- splash.jpg -- picture for identifying the client as PE version

Known Limitations:

1. This plugin has been tested and used successfully with Cisco VPN Client 4.6.
2. The tray icon does not appear (with an Explorer plugin) when the client connects. To disconnect, click on the 'Disconnect' menu item (if using nu2menu) or from the command line run 'discon.exe'.
3. You must use version v3.0.30 or later of PEBuilder with Windows XP SP2 as your build base.
4. The TCP/IP protocol must be loaded before running the client.


1. Copy the files and folders from a Cisco VPN Client installation into the plugin's 'files' folder.
2. In the plugin's 'files' folder, create a directory called 'other'.
3. Copy the following files to the 'other' directory:

- cvirta.sys
- cvpndrva.sys
- dneinobj.dll
- dne2000.sys
- vsdata.dll
- vsdatant.sys
- dne2000.inf
- dne2000m.inf
- netcvirta.inf
- asycfilt.dll
- vsinit.dll
- vpnapi.dll
- asycfilt.dll

4. Comment out the following lines in the dne2000.inf file:


Credits and Contact

Please PM me (Ixel) on the 911 CD forum, for feedback, suggestions, bugs, etc. on this plugin.
PE Builder Copyright (c) 2002-2005 Bart Lagerweij. All rights reserved.